The Big Samhain 2018
SAMHAIN Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, Russia is held on 28th of October
in Zal Club.

Samhain is the ancient Celtic festival, the holiday of harvest time and of the year passing to its dark part. With the adoption of Christianity Samhain became All Saints Day and Memorial Day and today in most West countries it is celebrated as Halloween.

In St. Petersburg traditionally on Samhain many events devoted to the Celtic culture. Dancers and musicians present their art to the public and each other. On the festival, like on the famous St. Patrick's Day, you can get to know a bit about the culture of Ireland and other Celtic countries.

Samhain in St. Petersburg is:

- the best folk band on a big stage
- performances of dance schools
- the workshops and souvenirs
- dance till you drop ;)

  • POLCA AN RI (Moscow) Irish traditional music
  • JIG FOR SARAH (Irish music)
  • FEST HYP-NOZ (Breton music)
  • BERKANA (Breton music)
  • PIPES AND DRUMS OF Saint-Petersburg (Scottish music)
  • BALFOLK BLOCK (Balfolk music)